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SCHS has published several books specifically for gardeners in Southern California. We discontinued direct sales of these publications after December 31, 2015. If you are interested in trying to hunt down one of the last few copies, please contact Joan Citron at

Selected Plants for Southern California Gardens
Edited by Joan Citron, Illustrations by Leslie Walker

This is a thoroughly researched encyclopedia containing descriptions of approximately 2700 exotic and native plants brought to the Plant Forum at the Society’s monthly meetings from 1947 through 1998. Each entry includes up-to-date botanical nomenclature, the plant description and cultural information (if available). Members of the Society with extensive horticultural experience contributed their expertise and occasional comments, some of which are also included.

There is also a rogue’s gallery of invasive plants, a list of common names, a list of the families and genera included in the volume, a short bibliography and a list of plants brought to the Plant Forum that were not described in this volume.
(416 pages; page size 8 1/2 x 11")

Reference Lists of Ornamental Plants for Southern California Gardens
by Philip E. Chandler

Are you a gardener in Southern California and need to find a tree for patio shade? Consult this book by Philip Chandler, who has been called the dean of Southern California gardening, a title well deserved after years of observing plants. 330 pages of useful information for the professional and hobbyist alike.

Outdoor Growing Orchids for the Greater Los Angeles Area
Edited by Joan Citron, Illustrations by Leslie Walker

Over 250 Orchids that can be grown without extensive greenhouse facility in Southern California are described in this 28-page booklet. It has been distilled from many years of collective experience in the Southern California Horticultural Society and edited for easy use.

Southern California Gardens, An Illustrated History
by Victoria Padilla

Written in 1961 by a former Society secretary and bromeliad collector, this book remains one of the most definitive work on our gardening heritage.

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