Annual Award Banquet

Each year we select an outstanding individual to honor as Horticulturist of the Year (HOTY), and hold an Award Banquet in his/her honor. Our big social event of the year is set in one of our local botanical gardens, so guests can enjoy a lovely summer evening surrounded by plants and friends. The HOTY banquet also includes our annual Silent Auction, where guests have the chance to bid on hand-picked horticultural treasures gathered throughout the year.

2018 Horticulturist of the Year

John Schoustra

The 2018 banquet will be held on Saturday, September 22
at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden
(here is a link for directions to the Arboretum)

Join us at 6:00pm Social Hour and Silent Auction (closes at 7pm).
Dinner served at 7:00; presentation begins at 8:15. Banquet tickets are $45.00

For more information and registration, see our Events page. To register with a check by mail, you can download this flyer: SCHS 2018 HOTY flyer FINAL.pdf

The Southern California Horticultural Society will be honoring nurseryman John Schoustra with its Horticulturist of the Year award for 2018 in recognition of his accomplishments in the eld and continuing service to horticultural organizations. John is the owner of Greenwood Daylily Gardens in Somis, California, and has served as president of the All American Dayliliy Selection Council, as regional vice president of the American Hemerocallis Society, as well as being a current and long term board member of the Southern California Horticultural Society and the Nursery Growers Association (NGA.) Others know him from classes he has taught at the Los Angeles Arboretum and South Coast Botanic Gardens, and from his popular speaking engagements, both local and national.

Upon his graduation from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Landscape Architecture, John cofounded a landscape construction company that for 10 years designed, built and maintained projects ranging from small residential to entire campuses for several mental hospitals, hotels and o ce parks. is experience led him to found Greenwood Daylily Gardens in 1989, which he owns and operates with his wife Cynthia, and whose mission is to find, breed and grow superior daylilies for California landscape professionals. In recent years, he has also been breeding

irises, clivias, pelargoniums and other owering perennials, as well as continually improving Greenwood’s environmental impact. He composts thousands of tons of waste materials into potting soil, provides habitat for wildlife on his property, and has contoured the nursery grounds to detain, clean and percolate millions of gallons of stormwater runo annually.

John has served the industry as Chief Horticulturist at Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Site and Gardens, where he developed an archival horticulture and arboriculture approach to caring for historic landscapes, presented at the 1997 Sustainable Tree Care Conference at UCLA; negotiated with the State Water Quality Board while serving as president of the NGA, resulting in the creation of the Los Angeles Irrigated Lands Group and quadrupling NGA membership; and introduced over 30 cultivars to California horticulture. Notable selections include ‘Frankly Scarlett’ the 2003 All American Daylily, ‘Love Child’, a native sage, and over a dozen pelargoniums.

We are pleased to honor John Schoustra as this year’s HOTY recipient, and invite you to join us at the Arboretum, where he took plant classes as a child, taught adult education courses, and installed several landscape projects - including the trees that will be shading our dinner tables!

For questions about this event, please contact Steven Gerischer at 323-257-3629

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